• Koganei pneumatic products available from MK Air Controls
  • Koganei pneumatic products available from MK Air Controls
  • Koganei pneumatic products available from MK Air Controls
  • Koganei pneumatic products available from MK Air Controls

Koganei Pneumatics

MK Air Controls Ltd works in partnership with Koganei Corporation, a globally recognised manufacturer of pneumatic automation products.

Koganei are world leaders in innovation and design, with continuous development to find products that not only increase productivity and efficiency but create new technological solutions across all areas of automated industry.

Where Koganei differ from other manufacturers is in their investment into pioneering research and development projects, to produce technologically advanced, unique equipment that is at the forefront to their competitors.

Together, MK Air Controls Ltd and Koganei, can offer a complete range of pneumatic control products that compete both in quality, design and cost with the likes of other well-known manufacturers.

Koganei iB Cyclone

iB-Cyclone is a low cost solution to compressed air systems plagued by water contamination. It is purely a water removal device which separates out water by cyclonic action before depositing it through an associated auto drain.

There is no filter element involved and can largely be considered maintenance-free. Pneumatic automation devices which operate in relatively low temperature environments benefit from the iB-Cyclone. Condensation build-up, created by relatively hot compressed air entering the low temperature environment, is easily removed thus preventing water from affecting the normal operation of the machine.

The iB-Cyclone can be located immediately prior to the system filter/regulator and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Koganei MTV Series Water Removal Valves

Remove Moisture and increase the life of your pneumatic system.

Eliminate damage caused by condensation for small bore, short stroke and smaller grippers and other actuators by using Koganei new revolutionary MTV Series.

Unlike other systems that use absorbing tubes and ends up leaving moisture with nowhere to go but drip off the supply tubing - Koganei MTV models mechanically actuate from your supply air every cycle to only exhaust the moisture, leaving your pneumatic system using only dry air.

Koganei Ionizers

Koganei Static Electricity Removing Unit Ionizers meet the need of pinpoint to wide-area static charge removal by releasing positive and negative ions alternately using the high frequency AC method.

The Blow type Ionizer enables static charge removal for numerous applications using a variety of nozzles, the Fan type Ionizer does not require supplying air, and the Air Gun type Ionizer makes the full use of its capabilities for dust removal.

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